The strategy of subtleties

The method focuses on creating conditions to make possible the new in people's lives. The change is not related to a replacement of parts or dysfunctional elements (as in a machine). Changes emerge from structural subtleties that allow us to open the landscape and renew the patterns that define the space where we live. The strategy of subtleties seeks to generate small interventions in the structure that holds our scenes. The subtleties are small changes that, if they can be sustained and extended in space, they can change the dynamics of the inner landscape. The strategy of subtleties does not work directly on the symptom. Instead, it deals with the transformation of certain scenes that sustain the impossibility of change in our lives. The transformation of the limits of our landscape will emerge from simple movements: when something new appears in your life; when you suddenly change the paths of your routine; when you recover the inspiration to give direction to your daily decisions.

The power of the small

To unfold the subtleties in your life, you must amplify small changes: introduce small shifts in your scenes; make small changes in the silent order and maintain these changes over time.
Firstly, when you approach a scene, identify what resonates in you. These sensitive points can be: emotions, memories, positions, roles, feared actions, among other things. These resonance points are small windows to look at the patterns.
Secondly, generate subtle interventions on these points; something different without being very challenging or disruptive. Just do something unusual to test other possibilities of order: try new behaviors, try new feelings, change your role in the scenes, explore new connexion with other persons.
Finally, get feedback about the result of these small movements to transform the subtleties into new rules for your life: check the effects of the small interventions, listen to the comments of the people you trust, recognize other people's opinions about you.