Marcelo Manucci

I work to make the change possible in people.

I dedicate myself to accompany people (individually or in groups) to create possibilities to transform their lives. I have studied the change from different perspectives and scientific disciplines. I am a Psychologist, with specialization in Psychodrama and Systemic Therapy. Later I dedicated myself to work in organizations where I addressed strategic aspects of people's performance. One of the most significant issues in the dynamics of the groups was in uncertainty. I completed a Ph.D. in Communication where I addressed the "management of uncertainty." To address this issue, I delved into other scientific disciplines such as Quantum Physics, Chaos Theory, and Complexity. These disciplines gave me a new frame of reference to understand the dynamics of a late century (which was beginning to generate its first turbulence) and its effects on the lives of people both individually and corporately.

For more than ten years I have worked on strategic projects in unstable contexts. When addressing these technical aspects, a key challenge in my professional career appeared: How to deal with the emotions of change? How to face the new in our lives? Interested in the world of emotions, I did a postgraduate in Neuroscience to understand the neurobiology of emotions. Since then and for more than ten years I have worked in the emotional conditions of change. In this process, I have designed tools to tackle complex decisions in different areas. I have created a different perspective about change, about the development of people, and how to deal with oppression and symptoms. The result of all these years of research is summarized in the following statement: How to transform suffering or inertia into a new inspiring horizon for our lives.