We do not suffer because of the past

We suffer because we need to sustain the past to make sense of the present. We suffer through inertia due to the impossibility that something could be different in our lives. We do not suffer from what happened to us, we suffer because we cannot recreate something new in the present.

Do not blame the past. Suffering is not the cause of the past; it is a consequence of your future. We do not suffer because of the past. We suffer from the frustration of the future in our daily lives. The future defines your inspiration that makes sense to your present. The future is the horizon of your inner landscape; we suffer because we do not have an inspirational future that allows us to address the conditions of the present. We suffer because we cannot create something new that transforms our inner landscape; we cannot create something because we do not have a horizon to frame the new in our life. Without a horizon, the past becomes our future.

The symptoms are signs of certain living conditions that have become vulnerable. The symptom represents the vulnerability of a person to take a step of transformation in her o his life. The symptom is only a visible aspect of certain conditions that sustain the impossibility of transformation.

When the past becomes our future

The oppression appears in our lives because of compulsively repeated patterns. Why do we repeat a single way to face different circumstances? Why do we not have other choices? Our present is left without options because there is a chemical-symbolic dependence that reinforces the compulsion of archetypes that impede the innovation in our lives. Firstly, the chemical reliance is related to blocked emotions in a survival mode. Secondly, the symbolic dependence involves narratives that justify and sustain the inability to accept, create, or maintain something new or different in your life.

Do not blame the past