Extend your horizon

The future affects the past

The limits of your daily landscape are not in the present but in the potential of the future. If you want to transform your living conditions in the present, you must transform your future.

Color your landscape

We live inside our emotional territories.

We address regular events from the perspective of a personal image that takes on a color according to the emotional connection one has to situations.

A new sense to the present

Let the new enter in your life

We do not suffer for the past, but we suffer for the frustration of the future. We do not suffer "because of what happened to us." We suffer because we can not create something new that transforms our present.

When the past becomes future

Why do people sustain their life at the cost of symptoms or dysfunctions?
We address daily events from the perspective of a personal image that takes on a particular color according to the emotional connection one has to the situation. Symptoms represent the impossibility of the new coming into your life. The oppressive present represents the impossibility of something new entering our lives. Symptoms arise from a tension between the inertia of the past (as repetitive patterns of responses) and changes of the present (the breadth of forms to address the new).

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What Landscape Are You Facing?

The landscape you face is an image that represents what you believe regarding what you are living.
The inner landscape is the personal representation of reality. It is the image that defines the space where we live. The inner landscape is a map that contains historical references based on our emotions, sensations, ideas, and habits that we use to give meaning to the facts of everyday life. You face the landscape that you have created.

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Three dimensions to change your present

Design Alternatives

The explanations about the context define the landscape we face.
Identify the new in your life

Recreate the Experiences

We are the authors of the script that defines our own experiences.
Change the color of oppresion

Hold the Transformation

People change if they have the decision to transform their living conditions.
Conquer new realities

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Becoming trapped in our inner landscape.

What you see around you depends on your emotions. We lead our own personal landscape. We are the owners of our (wide or narrow) territory upon which we make decisions every day.
Our personal territory refers to the choices and possibilities you are open to and that you implement in your everyday movements, decisions, and relationships. You live inside your creation. The options you choose in your life open or close your territories.

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